Preferred Contractor Program

Welcome to Light The Way Fixture's Preferred Contractor Program and thank you for your interest. Developed by contractors, for contractors, this program is designed to work with you to help grow and enhance your business.  As your status increases, so do the benefits.  Enrollment is fast, free, and easy.  Just complete the Preferred Contractor worksheet in the PDF link below and submit to  We look forward to working with you!

PDF: Preferred Contractor Program

The Preferred Contractor Program from Light The Way Fixtures was created to give you an edge.  It provides valuable discounts for the contractors and rewards you for using our products.

All preferred contractors will create an account to login on Light The Way Fixture's website.  Once logged in the pricing will be automatically updated to show your current tiered pricing level.  No need for special price requests or coupon codes.  Having an account will also give quick access to all your previous orders which can assist with warranty claims and determining the type of fixtures that were used on a previous project. 

Although this program is open to everyone, access to Preferred Contractor levels two and three are by invitation only or earning your way to the bigger discounts by being a loyal partner.  We encourage you to learn about the premium products and industry leading L70 life hours that Light The Way Fixtures have to offer and the many benefits this Preferred Contractor Program can bring.

We will do our best to update you with new product releases and improvements to existing products. These are a few ways we can be of value to your team and help Light The Way to the ever changing light fixture market. 


In an attempt to help contractors get recognized, we will showcase your customer-submitted photos of lighting projects.  Simply send us a few pictures of a recent project with your company's name and a brief description and we can post it at the bottom of our website in our “Light The Way Fixtures In The Field” picture gallery.  These photos will also be linked to our instagram for even more exposure.